You Need To Go Slow To Go Fast

We read a blog post about roping and horses that makes some good points. The authors, Mark Wray and Christine Hamilton, give some young AQHA ropers some good advice. If you want to work on your roping, then slow down and work on your horsemanship and the fundamentals. We don’t pretend to know a lot about roping, but as to horses the advice is first-rate.

The basics for a horse come slowly if you want a good result. The basics also require reinforcement periodically to avoid bad habits developing. Whether roping, trail riding, or dressage, horses like people will start to cut corners if you let them. Occasionally returning to training and doing it slowly helps watch for those areas the horse is starting to get lax.

Wray and Hamilton also remind young ropers that your horse needs a break from time to time. We could not agree more. If you want to see performance out of your horse, you need to provide some variety in your routine and let the horse have some fun. A nice long ride out in the country once in a while will do wonders for your horse’s attitude and renew his mind.

Remember with horses fast starts slow and just like the rest of us; a horse needs a break from the same old routine.


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