AQHA Trail Challenge – Hartman, Arkansas

An AQHA Trail Challenge is scheduled June 1st and 2nd, 2013, in Hartman, Arkansas. The challenge is hosted by Horsemen of Arkansas at the J Bar K Ranch. AQHA reports a Trail Challenge “is a new competitive event that asks horses and riders to work as a team, navigating natural obstacles they might experience on the trail. The focus is on horsemanship, and the goal is to promote education, safety and fun.”

Lindsay Whitehead, a trail challenge competitor from Florida, says ‘Just give it a try. Most people are scared of the obstacles at first – they don’t think their horse is going to do it. When I first brought my hunter out here, it took us a while with the groundwork, but in the end, we were crossing the high bridge, climbing up rocks and doing all the obstacles together. There’s so much to do, and it’s stimulating for you and your horse’s mind. It’s a nice break from your normal training schedule, but it’s still really productive’.

For more information, you can contact Meg Wills,(501) 940-2259 or go to the Horsemen of Arkansas website.


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