This Is Polly

Picture of Polly

Polly is a registered solid Paint. She’s a nice filly that has been ridden here at the ranch for about six months. She came as a bit of a surprise. While we made sure to verify she was registered, we didn’t look at her blood lines and pedigree. We liked the Palomino color,  the classic quarter horse confirmation, and the attitude we observed. She had not been ridden so that was a plus for us (no problems to fix). Thinking she was AQHA registered, we were surprised to see the papers. Oh well, things happen and sometimes for the best!

This is a good lesson if you are looking to purchase a horse. Ask a lot of questions and don’t assume things. The responsibility is just as much the obligation of the buyer as it is the seller. Here we liked what we saw and just failed to ask where she was registered. It’s a good reminder for all of us. This deal worked out really well anyway. We ended up with a good horse, just a different registry than we thought. She’s a pretty little filly that is learning fast and  doesn’t act like some of the Paints we have run across. Polly is sound, smart, and going to make someone a good horse.

If you like a Palomino, you better check Polly out!

See Polly’s Bloodlines


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