Jack The Plumber

If you read this blog very often, then you already know Jack, one of our AQHA registered quarter horses,  just graduated the training program at our ranch in Bixby, Oklahoma. If you have read the Meet Jack section, you also know Jack seems to have a special knack for being around when something unexpected happens. He enjoys helping and does exceptionally well in these bizarre situations. Like the day he found the little lost boy. [ May 22, 2012 post ]

Recently Jack had the opportunity to help another neighbor. Sure sorry there isn’t photos or video to show you this one! The neighbor draws water from a small lake near his house using a pump. The pump burned up unfortunately and had to be replaced. Not exactly the end of the world, but it took some work and effort that was rewarded with no water when the power was turned back on. A closer inspection revealed the pipe leading into the underwater pump had broken due to age and the new installation. It had to be repaired in the water or it meant pulling the entire unit back to shore.

The neighbor waded out to do the work, but was up to his chin in the water (still pretty chilly in May). In order to splice the joint, it had to be held out of the water for ten minutes in order for the glue to bond to the new pipe. The neighbor just wasn’t strong enough to stand there in the cold water up to his chest holding the pipe at head level to dry. Well, Jack, as he always seems to do, came to the rescue.

The rider (who will remain anonymous to keep the mental health people from finding him – LOL!) stripped the saddle and pad from Jack and donned a pair of shorts after taking off his own boots and jeans. He rode Jack into the lake up to his neck in the water and placed the pipe on Jack’s neck.  This remarkable AQHA quarter horse patiently stood there the full ten minutes with the pipe near the top of his head, neck-deep in the water while the glue dried. Jack then lowered his head so he could back up without breaking the pipe as he exited the pond. This is one truly amazing horse! Jack the rescue horse is now Jack the plumber.


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