Summer Interns Learn More Than Just Horse Skills

Our Summer Intern Program teaches more than just horse skills. We recognize the need for students to learn the importance of the good work habits and see the intangible qualities needed for a successful career. For example, we don’t accept interns into the program without a resume. Some ask, why do I have to turn in a resume, “I don’t have much experience anyway.” The answer is because resumes are part of the work world and it is never to early to start learning. Most companies hiring a candidate require a cover letter and a resume so we do too.

While our interns have a lot of fun and don’t spend the Summer cleaning stalls, there is a level of responsibility required of them. Sure they learn the horse handling skills and spend a lot of time in the saddle, but we also want to make sure they understand the importance of punctuality, integrity, courtesy, and the day-to-day communication aspects of the work place.

The time they spend with a professional horse trainer and the benefit of his years of experience is helpful for sure and yes they always pick up some tips on how to do things. But for the most part, we hope they also see the significance of  those qualities we believe make for success; hard work, continuous learning, keeping your word, and taking responsibility for your actions. Without these, the greatest horse trainer in the world isn’t worth squat. There’s a lot more to success than just being good at getting a horse to do something or possessing a special gift or talent so you get called a “horse whisperer”. At the end of the day, if you can’t do it with honor, respect, and decency, it’s not worth doin’!


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