Horsemen of Arkansas Sponsor AQHA Trail Challenge

Horsemen of Arkansas have sponsored the AQHA Trail Challenge scheduled June 1, 2013 in Hartman, Arkansas. The Trail Challenge will be governed by the AQHA rules and the rules of the American Horsemen Challenge Association. A family oriented event, the day will begin with a brief benefit for the Special Olympics followed by a walk of the trail immediately before the competition.

It has been reported to us the ride will have several levels of competition from youth through a legacy class for those over 55 years old. Coggins papers for in state horses plus health papers for out-of-state horses are required. It is guaranteed to be a whole lot of fun. If you live in Oklahoma, it may be about the closest AQHA sanctioned competition around. Looking at the schedule for 2013, there doesn’t appear to any in Oklahoma for the remainder of the year.

Horsemen of Arkansas sounds like a down to earth, laid back group of horsemen who know what they like to do and have a good time in the process. If you want more information, go to the web site at the link above.


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