Rescue Horses; Times Have Really Changed

Picture of Pete

Guess we’re getting old and it’s startin’ to  show. Words keep changing and just don’t mean the same thing they used to mean. Take the term “horse rescue”. Just doesn’t mean the same thing anymore. In the days when we were brought up, a horse rescue meant you used the horse to save a person. Like when the little 83-year-old lady with some dementia wandered away from the house and got lost in the woods. The whole town came out to help look for her with horses, dogs, and on foot.

Horses were used extensively by a lot of people as part of the “search and rescue” effort. She was found four days later, alive and well. She slept covered in leaves as it was late Fall and kind of cold. She drank from the creeks and managed to get by fairly well. She told the doctor she wasn’t lost, “just a little turned around in the hills.”

Today “horse rescue” means you rescue the horse. I suppose we like the old meaning better. It meant the horse was useful and served a valuable purpose and got credit for doing a job that needed to be done. The  people in a bind got the help they needed. Words may be changing, but one thing hasn’t changed. The horse community is full of good folks ready to pitch in when there’s a need. 

At the end of the day, the words don’t matter near as much as generosity, kindness, and willingness to help your neighbors and community. This spirit still remains strong and active in the equine industry. You know, for some old guys that don’t know much, this sure seems like a great place to live!

By the way, the horse in the photo is Pete.

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