Trail Rider Challenge – Tekamah, Nebraska

There is Trail Challenge obstacle event June 15, 2013 hosted by Kelli Paulson. A recognized horsewoman, Paulson, hosts trail riding clinics and offers advice to those interested in seriously competing in a trail challenge or just wanting to have some good fun participating in an obstacle course. Photographs of some the types of obstacles that you might encounter can be viewed at Trail Rider Challenge.

Paulson, a real cowgirl, competed in the Extreme Cowboy Race in the Summer of 2007. She believes “in taking the time to get a horse ‘right’. This means helping the horse to be willing, confident, trusting and trying. Each horse is handled as an individual. By giving each horse a strong foundation they are prepared for life whether it is as a competitive horse, trail horse or family horse. Training the horse, as well as the rider, is Kelli’s God-given gift and passion. She lives the cowgirl lifestyle 24 hours a day. Riding, teaching and family is her life – full time. ”

If you want more information on this Nebraska trail challenge, you can contact Kelli Paulson 402-889-6042.


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