Jack Backing Around The Fire Pit


Jack is shown here with Dustin at the AQHA Trail Challenge held in Hartman, Arkansas and hosted by the Horsemen of Arkansas. The event was also approved by the American Horsemen Challenge Association.

The obstacle in this photograph requires the rider to back a full 360 degrees around a fire pit. There are four stumps placed as corners that the horse cannot go past essentially making you back a circle inside a square.

Jack, just like our other quarter horses has been trained to respond appropriately to new and unexpected situations. He displayed genuine interest in the challenge without ever showing any poor behavior or acting up. Jack is great on the trail and pays attention to everything without forgetting the training he has been given.

Dustin had not ridden in nearly a month due to his job schedule when the challenge took place and had not ridden Jack for several months (bearing in mind Jack had been ridden by others). We felt Dustin and Jack did an exceptional job considering the lack of working together. The initial plan had been for Dustin to ride a different horse, but some confusion over getting the health papers to cross into Arkansas ended up with Jack as a last-minute substitute.



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