AHCA National Finals Teeter Totter

Teeter TotterThe AHCA National Finals had two teeter totters as part of one of the obstacles in one of the challenge arenas. The photograph shows one of the tetter totters. Some riders rode to the end with the board on the ground to cross while many others demonstrated the skill of their horses to step on the end of the board hovering above the ground before crossing. Riders were expected to ride across and after the reaching the other side, back their horse to cause the board to tetter back to the start point. The rider was then to proceed forward again and ride down the tetter totter to the ground.

Tensions were high and the nerves of the horses and riders tested by the obstacle. Many performed well as you would expect at National Finals, but not all. Some horses refused to cross or balked when asked to back. From a horse’s perspective, it probably doesn’t make much sense to stand on a board that rocks back and forth. Only people would do something so silly.

It was great fun to watch all the contestants working their horses on the teeter totter and seeing the hard-work pay off for the ones who did well. The events are great for the entire family and several families had competing siblings. It was a good time for everyone.


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