Spin Your Horse Without Stepping Out Of The Box

Spin Inside the Box

Spinning your horse without leaving the boundaries of a square box can be harder than it looks, especially with other people watching you. Here Meg Wills, a respected horse trainer from Arkansas, is seen at the AHCA National Finals in the spinning box. She did well in this round and displayed wonderful horsemanship.

Meg is a great example of the wonderful people in the AHCA trail challenge competitions. She is a hard-worker and a skillful competitor, but always ready to help anyone who needs assistance from her own students to the very competitors she is about to face in the next round. Spend a few minutes with Meg and you will learn real quick that she likes to win, but only if her competition was able to perform their very best.

AHCA maintains the appropriate balance between strong competition and good sportsmanship with everyone helping everyone. If you aren’t familiar with the associations, you really should check it out.


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