Water Bucket Carry Is Like Being At Home

Trail ChallengeOne of the challenge course obstacles at the AHCA National Finals last week involved picking up the red bucket you see in the photograph while seated on your horse. Riders had to  carry it full of water and sit it down on another barrel. The bucket event reminded me a lot of work we do here at the ranch. Many times we need a bucket of fence clips or nails and take them by horse to the work site. I can’t recall the number of times a bag of feed has been held in front of me on the saddle or behind me as I ride. I like to see ranch work simulations and events that replicate actual ranch chores. It means a ranch horse can compete in a trail challenge competition by just doing his everyday job. From my view these trail challenges are a lot of fun and let riders take pride in what they can do with their horse.  If you want more information about AHCA, check out the web page: http://americanhorsemenchallenge.com/ or contact Jeff Lebbin at info@AHCAmail.com.  Presently Oklahoma doesn’t have a chapter, but there is one in Arkansas. If you are interested in the Arkansas affiliate, contact Meg Wills at meg.wills@att.net.

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