Sirens & Car Alarms; Are You Ready?

We were pleased the other evening when one of those unexpected tests came. A couple of guests came to ride that didn’t have a lot of riding experience, beginner level riders. The horses were saddled, and of course we put the guests on two of our graduate horses to accommodate the experience level. Three of us were mounted on horses about 30 feet from the front of their truck waiting for the others. The truck alarm was accidentally set off when the remote control in the jeans pocket of one of our visitors was bumped. His truck has lights that flash, horns that honk, several different sirens that blare, and all of it very loud. It was one of those situations where we have seen wrecks happen with green broke horses and untrained riders. You may have seen some of those little rodeos where one of the horses goes to bucking that makes another suddenly jump sideways, while the next one takes off in a dead run. Riders go to falling off and everyone gets just a little excited.

We were pleased that nothing like it happened and not a single horse so much as lifted his head. They stood quietly and turned as to say, “Is this another one of those silly tests you do all the time”? Aside from all the horses successfully passing, the best part was we never expected it. The perfect test for your horse is one neither of you know is coming. It was really nice to see the hard work and effort that has been put into the training of  these animals pay off.  It’s the way a good trail horse should react.


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