Trail Horses Make Great Ranch Horses

Picture of PollyA trail horse should transition to ranch work without so much as the twitch of an ear. A properly trained trail horse is quiet and calm. Ranch work and roping events should be second nature to a good trail horse.  We like to take our horses to some of the local ranch roping events to test their training and make sure the quiet disposition remains in place with ropes swinging, cowboys singing, and calves setting back against the rope. Well, maybe not cowboys singing, but you get the picture. A calf at the end of your rope attached to your saddle horn will create some commotion if the horse hasn’t been taught to calmly accept things.

Our friends at the Northeast Ranch Roping Association let us come and put our horses to work. The association promotes the reata-style roping with heavy emphasis on working livestock without a lot of stress. The old cowboy ways are the standard. A good horse and quick loop ready a calf or cow for vaccinations or treatment without a lot of stress. Ranch roping without heavy stress on the calves requires a well-broke horse.

If you haven’t been to a ranch roping, you ought to come out to one. The next roping at the Northeast’s association is September 7, 2013. If you want more information, give Shawn a call 918-417-9250 and he can put you in touch with the members. Bet they would love to have you attend and show you how real cowboys work.



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