Equine Law Seminar By Video Webcast

There is going to be an equine law seminar hosted by two attorneys on November 6, 2013. Attorney, Allison Eklund, reports, “. . . it’s oriented toward equine business owners or other non-lawyers interested in the basics of equine business law. It may be useful for lawyers to understand priorities in handling matters for equine professionals.” Ms. Eklund has been practicing law since 1998 and her firm currently focuses on equine public policy and equine business matters. As a registered lobbyist, she has been instrumental in the passage of legislation important to horse owners. The other speaker, Rebecca Bell, has been practicing law for nearly 25 years and works with equine owners and equine businesses.

If you want to know more about your legal rights and responsibilities as a horse owner, breeder, trainer, or just want more information about selling your horse, purchasing a new horse, or how to legally operate your ranch or farm, you can attend online. The seminar is sponsored by the National Business Institute. For details, see www.nbi-sems.com or contact one of the lawyers at the links above.

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