Trail Challenge Was Great

The trail obstacle challenge hosted by the Horsemen of Arkansas at the Horse Heaven Ranch in Talihina, Oklahoma over the weekend was a great time. We will post some photographs later in the week and give some more details. The event went really well and the Horse Heaven Ranch was a wonderful location. The folks that run the place are friendly and keep the place up really well.
The obstacle course was set up with several levels of competition for all ages and all skill levels so everyone could compete in competition suitable for their experience and ability. The judges worked hard and helped make the event a success.
The super resourceful people with the Horsemen of Arkansas went to a lot of effort to bring the challenge into Oklahoma. It is so much fun to take your horse and see what you can do with him. Sometimes you are surprised by what the horse is willing to do. You can also find yourself wondering why he won’t do something that he just did wonderfully last weekend.
At the end of the day, the people who attend and participate make all the difference. We like the competition, but just can’t say enough about the friendly and helpful nature of the contestants. Over and over we observed competitors lending a hand to fellow contestants, loaning equipment, and working together in every aspect so the best horse and rider team could win. The whole atmosphere is centered around everyone being able to do their very best with the collective help from the group.
The Horse Heaven Ranch made a beautiful venue with the national forest in the background. There were lots of trails to explore in the off time. We managed to get there early enough Friday to spend the early evening taking a trail ride through the pine trees. We’re telling you that if you have never done one of these AHCA challenges, you’re missing out on lots of fun!


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