Tractor Tires Can Make Several Obstacles

Horseman of Arkansas Trail ChallengeA tractor tire can be used in a variety of ways to challenge your horsemanship. The trail challenges approved by AHCA have used tractor tires in a number of events. Sometimes the tires are filled with dirt and stacked so you ride over them like stairs. Other times the tire is just left on the ground empty. The judge  may require the horses front feet to be placed in the center or just his hind feet.  The tractor tire obstacle can involve asking the horse to pivot without removing the two feet placed inside the tire.

Several horses at this particular challenge placed their feet on the tire to avoid putting their feet inside. As with any obstacle, you are allowed three attempts before the judge blows the whistle and you have to move to the next one.

The tractor tire looks easy and generally isn’t a big deal. The aspect that makes it competitive is the variety of uses and requirements that the horse take specific actions. If your horse isn’t used to accepting directions, he probably won’t do well.

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