Rogers Co. Sheriff’s Dept. Forms Volunteer Mounted Rescue Patrol

The Rogers Co. Sheriff’s Department is making the most of its resources and putting to use the often overlooked assets in the community, the people. In this case, the horse people. The department has formed a mounted rescue patrol to assist the sheriff’s office in activities such as searching for lost children and assisting in rescue operations from horseback. Rogers Co. is a rural area with large areas of woods and places hard to cover by vehicles, particularly in rescue operations. Wisely the department is using horsemen with steady, willing, and calm horses to conduct the activities. The participants will be auxiliary deputies, but without authority to actually enforce the law.

There are specific qualifications that must be met:
1.     Be At Least 21 Years of Age
2.     Have Your Own Horse
3.     Have Your Own Tack, Trailer, and Towing Vehicle
4.     Complete An Application
5.     Pass a Background Investigation
6.     Pass a Horse and Rider Evaluation Process
(There are no County residency requirements.)

The horses used must be able to handle the unexpected situations that you encounter in search and rescue operations. Obviously the Sheriff doesn’t need bad situations made worse by volunteers who bring horses that are high-strung or incapable of getting the job done. It is a wonderful way to give back to the community and really render aid to those who need assistance in emergency situations. More than just writing a check or making a monetary donation, the volunteers truly lend a hand when needed.


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