True Horsemen Are Polite, Respectful, and Civil

One of the things you observe in a true horseman is politeness, both to people and horses. Respect is given to both the horse he rides and the people around him. There is a spirit of decency and civility that is displayed in his humility. If you watch a “genuine” horseman, the horse responds and gives 110% from desire, not fear. The horse does his very best because he wants to do it, not because he has to do it. The ability to motivate and inspire the horse to get the job done comes naturally to some and is learned by others. It is always there in a horseman who “knows his stuff”!

We all need to use these same virtues in our social media, comments, and internet discussions. Name calling and disrespectful attitudes are damaging and unproductive. None of us know everything and all of us can learn from someone else. Just like a “real” horseman training a horse, you should have a fixed set of beliefs and expectations for the horse. Pressure or force is used sparingly and only as needed to move the horse and teach him what he needs to do. A horseman knows the appropriate limits and makes sure to use as little force as necessary.

We live in a great country where we all have the right to speak our thoughts, but we need to do so like a horseman. We need to be polite, respectful of the opinions of others, and use kindness in our comments and speech. It doesn’t mean we can’t have sharp disagreement or contrary opinions that are discussed and aired. Open debate and polite arguments allow all of us to learn and become even better skilled in riding, training, working with our horses. Let’s be sure when we disagree with someone to use our comments carefully and try to educate others with as little force or pressure as needed. Patience is a virtue and every horseman needs it. And let’s never forget that all of us continue to learn every day and just because someone else hasn’t learned what we know doesn’t make them a bad person. They, like us, just tend a little more time and teaching.


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