No Way; That’s Not My Tarp!

Confidence Building ClinicIf you go to enough of these trail obstacles challenges, you start to notice a recurring theme. Over and over you hear riders saying, “I can’t figure it out. He’s never afraid of the tarp! We cross a tarp all the time.” You always hear it right after the horse looks at the nice blue tarp identical to the one used at home.

The tarp you see here at the Bad Girls Trail Riding Confidence Clinic is actually our tarp. When we started across on one of the horses we brought for demonstration purposes, he stopped and looked at it like he had never seen it before. It was his tarp! LOL! It wasn’t any trouble convincing him to cross it, just funny how the very tarp he probably crossed 15 times before without blinking was something new. It always makes you laugh, whether it’s your horse or someone else’s.


One Response to No Way; That’s Not My Tarp!

  1. heccateisis says:

    We have a large trash barrel in the barn. My horse goes by it four times a day to get in and out of his stall for feeding (he’s out 24/7 and only comes in for food). The only time he pays attention to it is if someone has left a bag of carrots on top. Then he grabs them.

    Trash people come on Saturday and the barrel goes to the end of the driveway. Riding by said barrel Saturday mornings is a challenge. One would think my horse had NEVER seen a barrel before, let alone the one he steals carrots off of….

    Horses are critters of habit….

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