Horse Trainers Teach and Train Horses

We keep reading blogs and articles written by “horse trainers” who are clueless about how to train a horse. Recently, we saw a post by a young woman who writes a blog and offers “training advice”. She even requests people to contact her with issues with their horse so she can help solve them (won’t embarrass her by linking to the post).

She relates a story about being pregnant and calling a farrier out to trim her mare’s feet. The mare wouldn’t pick up her feet for the farrier and “didn’t like him”. Bottom line, the woman trims the mare’s feet while someone else holds a feed bucket.  News Alert: Holding a bucket full of feed so you can trim your horse’s feet is a work around solution, not training.

Training is teaching, instructing, correcting, and giving discipline. It is not finding “work around solutions” to the problem. Average everyday riders often find suitable ways to “work around” their specific problem. Nothing wrong with a self-help answer to get the job done, but it just shouldn’t be confused with “training”. The key difference between training and simply getting the job done is “training” teaches the horse a task or activity. Other solutions like using a feed bucket to trim your horses feet are just a crutch. The horse doesn’t learn anything except how to eat!



One Response to Horse Trainers Teach and Train Horses

  1. This reminds me of a woman I know who leads her horse to its field with it’s nose in a feed bucket. Put down the bucket, instil a good routine and don’t stand an nonsense!

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