Kids Make A Great Test

As we keep saying, there are lots of “experts” out there when it comes to horse training.  If you aren’t a horse trainer, it can be a little hard to distinguish a real expert from a vocal, big talking amateur. If you aren’t familiar with horses, then how can you know?

Here’s a really simple, easy way to see whether a “horse trainer” knows their stuff. Take a good look at their children. Kids don’t lie. Well-behaved kids are the product of love, respect, and discipline. Not present-day society’s gooey love, but genuine concern over the welfare of a child by a parent who demands respect and obedience.

Does the expert have the kind of children that none of us care to be around? You know the ones! If so, we’ll bet all the big talk is just hot air. We have never seen a reputable horseman whose children (and dogs) didn’t mind. A genuine horseman understands respect is essential and demands it. This shouldn’t suggest they are mean-spirited, but they also don’t put up with nonsense. You may not be able to accurately evaluate and judge horses, but all of us recognize poorly behaving children.

You don’t have to know anything about horses to distinguish a real life, honest to goodness horse trainer from a “blow hard”!


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