Brush and Trees Require MSAR

JackRocks, brush, trees, and heavily vegetated terrain are difficult to search by any means and particularly in the Spring and Summer in eastern Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri. Horse back offers the most effective means to cover large areas. MSAR, mounted search and rescue, frequently uses volunteers who provide their time, equipment, and horses free of charge to render aid to their fellow-man. Searching wooded areas in rocky, hilly parks and recreational areas is hard work, but mounted patrol riders put in the long hours knowing full well the rewards in uniting a frantic mother with a lost child or locating an Alzheimer’s patient who wandered away.

For Oklahoma residents, there are a number of these units ready to pull out on a moments notice. One unit near us, the Rogers County Mounted Patrol is expanding the volunteer force and actively seeking qualified horses and their riders willing to help out in times of need. If you are interested in what it takes to be part of a MSAR, mounted patrol search and rescue unit, contact the Rogers Co. Sheriff’s Department.

One Response to Brush and Trees Require MSAR

  1. I’m going to see if our local Sheriff’s Office has MSAR. Thanks for the info

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