Coalition of Christian Cowboys Trail Ride Was A Huge Success!

Trail Riding is FunThe trail ride in Slick, Oklahoma that the Coalition of Christian Cowboys put on Saturday was fabulous! You could not ask for a better time. The hosts,  members of the Coalition of Christian Cowboys, were some of the nicest folks you could ever meet. Kind and courteous with the old style cowboy politeness of days long past set the tone for great day. The weather was splendid with the morning cool enough for a jacket and warm enough to want to take it off once lunch was over. The meal at lunch was perfect trail ride fare with barbecue sandwiches, hot dogs, fresh hot cobbler from a dutch oven, and wagon loads of cookies.

The trail ride was managed extremely well by the cowboys of the group making sure no one got lost and the ride proceeded safely. At home on a horse with years of experience as working cowboys, the team kept everyone moving along on time and helping any of those who needed it. Many of the attendees were experienced riders mounted on sound, well-behaved horses. It’s hard to articulate the difference in a well-run trail ride with competent riders from the ones that lack these key elements unless you’ve been there,  and done it.

Trail boss, Dwight Plant, talked with us for a bit after returning to the trailers and explained the Fall ride will take place in October. We already plan to attend and suggest you do the same. This is a really great bunch of people who run a really nice day ride.  We’ll tell you a little more about the ride and the CCC a little later. Sum it all up, a great day with wonderful people, lots of sunshine, warm weather, and experienced horsemen!

Trail Horses Standing Tied


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