Bell Cow Trail Ride Hosted By OETRA

Bell Cow Trail RideThe Oklahoma Equestrian Trail Riders Association (“OETRA”) held a trail ride at Bell Cow Lake this past weekend. We were only able to attend Saturday, but met some really nice people. Funny, horse people tend to be great folks. Those attending this ride were certainly pleasant and welcoming. The members of OETRA had spent the weekend before working the trails and clearing brush. The trails were marked very thoroughly and extremely easy to follow.

The weather was somewhat typical for Spring in Oklahoma. Saturday was windy and gusty, but warm. The sunshineIMG_175709484261932 was warm, but not hot.

OETRA has been conducting a membership drive. If you are looking for trail riding buddies, you ought to make contact with the group and attend one of their trail rides. We were told there are several more rides scheduled thru the Spring and Summer. We plan to attend more of them. It’s tough to get enough trail riding in Oklahoma this time of year!!!!!!!!!!!


2 Responses to Bell Cow Trail Ride Hosted By OETRA

  1. Cindy Gottschling-McEligot says:

    Thank you, Steve and Dustin. We are glad you enjoyed yourselves. It was nice riding with both of you (there were two of you, correct? Hard to tell, since only one was talking 😉 ). Hope to see you at other rides.

  2. Thanks Steve, it was great to meet you and Dustin. I’m looking forward to a vist to your place in the near future!

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