Horse Trainer For Sure!

We have been doing quite a few day rides for the past several weeks. In fact, we have been to several that haven’t even been mentioned on the blog. This comment is made so we don’t embarrass anyone. It’s been interesting and some of the people you meet have some fascinating stories.

On one ride, we met a horse trainer that will be kept anonymous. We will just call this person “Trainer”. So Trainer arrives at the ride with a horse under training. As we ride along, conversation begins and we learn the horse has about a year of training, but it has been a while back. The ride is being used as a refresher. Trainer likes to start colts and says to have done 8 – 10 colts over the years.The first creek we reach is about a foot deep and maybe 6 feet across. It has a little mud, but basically solid footing. As we ride up, probably 50 horses have already crossed.

Trainer’s horse won’t cross water, won’t step into the water, and doesn’t respond well to the situation. We observe Trainer climb off the horse and proceed to lead the horse across the creek. Unfortunately we see similar episodes played out all the time. Everyone has their own way of training and their own tools to do so. But watching a self-described “trainer” lead a horse across a tiny water crossing isn’t our picture of training. Yet, we see the scenario over and over where a “trainer” has a horse they can’t handle.

Honesty is a virtue. Just because you have ridden a few colts, doesn’t make you a horse trainer any more than welding a few pipes makes you a welder. Horse training means you teach the horse to do a job. It isn’t about working around solutions like leading a horse thru the creek. We may not have much of a training operation, but at least our boots are dry. Have a good one!

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