Rider Confidence: The Chicken or The Egg?

June 28, 2014

PollyWe see a lot of riders who lack confidence in their horse. You can see it on their face, in their posture, and often hear it in their voice. It doesn’t take long for the story to unfold about how the horse bucked them off or reared up or did something that really scared them. Sure they are back in the saddle, but with considerable apprehension or even downright fear.

If they had more confidence, it’s likely the horse they are riding would probably settle down to an extent. As a general rule, the more confident the rider, the less trouble with the horse. But, confidence is built on trust and without faith in the horse to react properly, the trust level drops. It’s a vicious cycle. The more confidence and leadership the rider demonstrates, the more the horse will accept the rider as the one who is in charge. The more the horse will relax and the better the experience will be. The more times the horse has bucked, reared, or thrown a fit, the less confident the rider feels.

So how do you build the trust in your horse so you can ride confidently? Good question, not always a simple answer.  If you are asking the question, the chances are you can’t. If you could overcome the lack of confidence in your horse by riding more, you probably would have already done it. Sometimes the best solution is to start over again with a new horse, but one suited for you and your level of riding. The confidence grows quickly on a horse that has been trained and that you are able to handle. As it grows, your riding pleasure will expand exponentially.

Every case is different, but you must be very honest with yourself. Are you ever really going to trust the horse? Will there always be just a little bit of doubt? If so, we suggest making a change to a horse worthy of your faith and one you can trust.



Polly’s A Nice Little Mare For Sale

June 25, 2014

Polly on the TrailPolly is really a pretty Palomino that is technically a registered solid paint. She has been ridden and used on the ranch a lot. The golden color really makes her especially attractive. She rides and handles well, but she is not a horse for a beginning rider. For someone looking for a young, sound horse that is easy to catch, bridle, saddle, and knows how to neck rein, lead, back, side-pass, and comfortable around livestock and other horses, Polly may be the horse for you. She has seen a lot of trails and wet blankets. If you want to know more about Polly, give Shawn a call 918-849-0004.

The “Magic Halter”

June 20, 2014

Once in a while, we give a talk or presentation about horses and horse training. One of our consistent goals is to educate people about horses. The “magic halter” is sometimes part of the discussion. We sometimes bring a “magic halter” with us to demonstrate the magic power contained in the woven strands. The benefit of a “magic halter” is you can use it when you have a horse that won’t lead,  won’t load in the trailer, sets back, and a host of other vices and instantly fix the problem. These halters retail for $79.95, pricey for a halter. But, it’s the magic you pay for.

Of course we are always happy to sell one of these grand devices. We want to help people fix their horse problems. Here’s the way it works, a “magic halter” is placed on the problem horse by one of our expert horse trainers and within 5 – 10 minutes the problem horse is leading, loading in the trailer, and “magically cured”. At least cured until the owner takes hold of the end of the rope. Those doggone batteries in a “magic halter” don’t last as long as they used to. Maybe we should sell some extra batteries to go with the “magic halters”?

Trail Obstacle Challenge Just Around The Corner

June 13, 2014

It’s time to make plans for the Horsemen of Arkansas trail challenge scheduled June 28th and 29th, 2014. The challenge is a great way to build rider confidence and work with your horse. The Horsemen of Arkansas are some really nice folks and will make you feel right at home. The competition is friendly and fun with the whole group ready to help you and your horse do your very best. If you haven’t tried a competitive challenge, you ought to give this one a go. For more information or to register go to www.horsemenofarkansas.org.

City Slickers Trail Ride at Keystone Lake Was Fun

June 9, 2014

City Slickers TrailKeystone LakeThe City Slickers Trail Ride sponsored by the Bad Girls Trail Riding Club this past weekend was a lot of fun and well-attended considering the weather. But, those who attended were rewarded on Saturday by a break in the rain and pleasantly cool weather for June. The rain took the dust out of the air and left everything smelling fresh.

Lunch was a potluck dinner with the club providing pulled pork sandwiches. These ladies can cook! You couldn’t do this type of lunch everyday!

After lunch there were a number of gifts handed out. Drawings were conducted and t-shirts, caps, lunch bags, saddle bags and all kinds of goodies given away. Everyone had a great time! Those of us wanting  more riding hit the trails again after lunch and took full advantage of the scenery around the lake. Many thanks to the Bad Girls!!!

HOA Trail Challenge June 28 & 29, 2014

June 3, 2014

Horsemen of Arkansas are hosting a trail challenge course June 28 and 29, 2014 in Bismark, Arkansas. The event is an AHCA sanctioned challenge with points towards qualification for the National Finals. There is a 50% payback/awards so you can take the winnings back home. The venue for the challenge is the Bar Fifty Ranch. Judging will be by Nina Adkins Kowalski from Michigan. The challenge is open to everyone regardless of the age or experience. The challenge is divided into suitable divisions so contestants compete against equally matched competitors. The divisions include Wrangler, Novice, Open, Amateur, English, Legends, and Green Horse. Coggins required and health papers if out-of-state. For more information contact Meg Wills 501-940-2259 or Corrie Key 479-567-6454.