Horses Need To Learn How To Be Hobbled

January 27, 2014

PollyThe photograph shows Polly standing hobbled about 10 feet from limbs being cut off the fence with a chain saw. During a recent ice storm, a lot of limbs and small trees found their way to the top of the fence. Polly was used to transport the chain saw and stood hobbled while the limbs were cut away.

Horses need to learn to stand quietly in hobbles. You never know when hobbles might be needed to be used in an emergency situation. Hobbles also teach your horse patience, not to mention how to stand quietly when their feet are caught.

After learning to stand with hobbles, Polly will not have any trouble learning to ground tie. She will be used to standing and waiting until her rider is ready to go. Hobble training has many benefits.

This Is Polly

May 21, 2013

Picture of Polly

Polly is a registered solid Paint. She’s a nice filly that has been ridden here at the ranch for about six months. She came as a bit of a surprise. While we made sure to verify she was registered, we didn’t look at her blood lines and pedigree. We liked the Palomino color,  the classic quarter horse confirmation, and the attitude we observed. She had not been ridden so that was a plus for us (no problems to fix). Thinking she was AQHA registered, we were surprised to see the papers. Oh well, things happen and sometimes for the best!

This is a good lesson if you are looking to purchase a horse. Ask a lot of questions and don’t assume things. The responsibility is just as much the obligation of the buyer as it is the seller. Here we liked what we saw and just failed to ask where she was registered. It’s a good reminder for all of us. This deal worked out really well anyway. We ended up with a good horse, just a different registry than we thought. She’s a pretty little filly that is learning fast and  doesn’t act like some of the Paints we have run across. Polly is sound, smart, and going to make someone a good horse.

If you like a Palomino, you better check Polly out!

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Introducing P.J.

November 19, 2012

PJP.J. is a handsome looking APHA registered  gelding  just starting our two-year training program. He moves nice and has a smooth gait. He has a good mind and really likes people. Some folks would call him a “pocket horse” because he is always in your pocket. We have high hopes for this young gelding. Aside from his striking color, he has cow horse blood lines going way back. While we like a horse that is easy to look at, the bottom line is performance. If a horse doesn’t have the mind, temperament, and athletic ability to get the job done, then good looks are worth much. P.J.’s got it all. We’ll update you on his progress as he continues his education on how to be a great trail horse. Graduation Date: November, 2014. Click here to check out what PJ has been up to!

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Montana Would Like To Get To Know You

November 14, 2012


Montana is an AQHA registered quarter horse mare. She has been handled by us since a baby. We started leading her around and playing games real early in her life. We used to cover her in feed sacks while she was eating and then put flat rocks all over her back. She got used to a lot of aggravations at a young age and learned to patiently accept almost anything. Montana is about as calm as they come. She hasn’t been under saddle all that long, but has done exceptional. Although she is not scheduled to graduate until May, 2014, she stands when mounting, loads and unloads from the trailer, and handles livestock. She has successfully completed tarp training, crosses bridges, water, and been ridden along the highway. We think Montana is truly remarkable. So special that we decided to breed her and raise a colt while she completes her trial riding education. She just has those working cow horse genetics nothing can beat. Click here to check out what Montana has been up to!

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This Is Chex

November 13, 2012

ChexChex is another AQHA registered quarter horse in our two-year training program. He looks a lot like Jack and Speck. If you don’t look close, you can find yourself riding Chex when you thought you saddled Jack. He’s nicely put together and well-muscled. Chex is a quiet horse and doing really well, although he hasn’t been under saddle for long. As you can see, he stands patiently and waits to move until asked to go forward. He is easy to load in the trailer and started dragging logs and 55 gallon barrels. With a smooth gait and a pace covering walk, Chex is good for the trail. He has all the wonderful attributes of a foundation bred quarter horse and will be able to do nearly anything when he graduates. We will give you updates on Chex as his training continues. He is set to graduate August, 2014. Click here to check out what Chex has been up to!

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Nice To Meet You, I’m Jack

November 12, 2012


It is my pleasure to meet you, my name is Jack. I am an AQHA registered quarter horse in the two-year trail riding program and plan to graduate in May, 2013. Trails are fun to me, I like to see new things and enjoy the opportunity to go places. In my training, I learned how to neck rein, load and unload from the trailer, how to ground tie, and to keep my feet under me on the trail. I have been ridden a lot and covered many, many miles in all sorts of situations from rescue operations to helping monitor wild fires. The training program has really expanded my natural abilities and a lot of hours were spent working livestock. I can pull tires, logs, fence posts, 55 gallon barrels, and have ponied a lot of other horses. I am not afraid of a hard day’s work and don’t mind getting a little dirty. My trainers say I’m an all around horse that can do anything I am asked.  The trainers seem really pleased with my calm attitude and willingness to do the job at hand. My grades have been good and I plan to graduate and move on to full-time work with a great owner. I am looking forward to lots of fun and good times when I start my next job! Come see me some time and scratch my ears – I really like that. Click here to check out what Jack has been up to!

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My Name’s Pete

June 14, 2012

PeteHi, I’m Pete.  I am an AQHA registered quarter horse and  just finished the first  year of the two-year  trail horse program. It seems to be going pretty well and everyone seems pleased with my progress.  I have cutting horse blood  in my veins and I am quick on  my feet.  I can spin fast. The guy sitting on my back wants me to spin once in a while,  but mostly we keep to the trails. I neck rein with a light touch like a good trail horse and know what whoa means. I also know what happens if I don’t whoa. If you forget what whoa means  he makes your  feet move till you  get real tired. I figured out you better stop fast when you hear whoa.  One of my favorite things to do at the ranch is trail the goats. It’s  these little animals with horns  running around everywhere  and I like to just follow them thru the trees and rocks. I  can keep up with all the zigging and zagging they do and can go anywhere they can. Wish the guy on my back  would let me do it more, but he  keeps making me  go back to work on the trails. I thought about working as a competitive reining horse when I grow up, ( the talent is there ), but I’m glad to be in the trail horse program ’cause I like people. Well I gotta go or else someone’s going to eat my feed! Click here to check out what Pete has been up to!

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Howdy, I’m Tex!

June 13, 2012


Tex is happy to make your acquaintance. He is 1.5 years old, registered quarter horse gelding getting ready to start the two-year training program we provide. Currently Tex walks across the blue tarp, leads, saddles, and handles easily. Although still just a little young to ride, he is ponied for several miles  every other day wearing a saddle. He will soon have a saddle with plastic bottles filled with water or sand hanging from the saddle  horn to let him adjust to things bouncing around.  Tex has a lot of good cow horse blood in him. He is extremely quick, but has a really quiet nature. He likes people and loves to stand while you rub his neck and head. Click here to check out what Tex has been up to!

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Howdy My Name’s Doc

June 1, 2012

Doc  Doc is an AQHA registered gelding one year through the two year program and doing wonderfully. He in incredibly calm and relaxed with pretty much everything. With a keen mind and good attitude, Doc will attempt to tackle any task willingly. One of the outstanding attributes of the American Quarter Horse is the ability to remain relaxed in exciting situations without losing the intensity to get the job done. Click here to check out what Doc has been up to!

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Speck Likes Everyone

May 29, 2012


Speck is an excellent trail horse and always remains under control. He is an AQHA registered gelding and halfway through our two-year training program for trail horses. He likes people and enjoys being around everyone.  Speck is hard to beat in terms of reliability. A few weeks ago, we were riding when a much larger mare got startled. The mare who was behind Speck took off and ran right into the back of him and then started around him. Speck just looked at the mare as if to say, ” what’s your problem? ” Steady and calm Speck is a favorite. Click here to check out what Speck has been up to!

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We Would Like to Introduce You to Suzie

May 28, 2012


If you haven’t met Suzie, you should make her acquaintance. An AQHA registered mare, Susie is a really pretty sorrel mare that is nicely built. She has good blood lines and a nice two-year old filly started in our training program. Suzie has a kind, gentle eye and loves to be petted. She does well on the trails and doesn’t let much of anything  ” create too much excitement. ”  Last Summer Suzie was used by the ranch to build fence.  She toted chains, come-a-longs, tools, wire stretchers, water, and pulled the barbed wire through the brushy places. The past few months has been spent with refining her trail skills including neck reining. Suzie is a really good  mare. Click here to check out what Suzie has been up to!

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