Caveats and Warnings

Caveat is one of those fancy lawyer words; it means warning. When our lawyer heard we were writing a blog, he said we better tell folks a few things. Since he charged us for it, we decided to get our moneys worth and pass it along to youl

We are not veterinarians, equine chiropractic doctors, equine dentists, accountants, business planners, tax experts, engineers, equine legal experts, architects, ranching consultants, equine insurance specialists, or gastroenterologists. We don’t even know what the last one does, but figured you should know we aren’t one.

Some say, and maybe rightfully so, that only a   #%&  fool would take our advice. Might be right in saying it. So just because we’re stupid doesn’t mean you have to be too. If you see a photo or video of us doing something dumb, keep in mind we have years of experience in stupidity and maybe even some natural gift towards it. Doesn’t mean you have to be!

Lastly, you usually get what you pay for. We don’t charge for our advice in this blog so it may not be worth a whole lot.  With all the doggone lawyer stuff out of the way, we hope this blog benefits you somehow or other.

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