Bad Girls 2014 Just For Fun Trail Ride

September 3, 2014

The Bad Girls have announced their Just For Fun trail ride September 20, 2014. We were sorry to hear it was scheduled this date as we like to ride with them. But, we already committed to be at Oologah Lake the same day and don’t want to disappoint anyone. Even so, if you are looking for an organized trail ride on September 20th, you might give it a try. Our day ride is not organized and just for whoever decides to be there.

The Bad Girls are always well-organized and usually put on a potluck lunch or dinner. The Just For Fun ride will be at Bell Cow Lake just outside of Chandler, Oklahoma. There is a modest charge for the event. For more details, you can call Susie at 918-430-6441 or go to the Bad Girls website, newly designed and looks great ladies.

Just for the record, the next time you are going to set up a trail ride, do it on a date we don’t already have plans. Hope you have a great time!!!!