PJ ‘s Training Includes Bicycles

May 25, 2013

Picture of PJ

Spring is here and so are the bicycle riders. PJ came across bicycles three times this week and we were pleased at his response. The first bicycle was a mountain bike with a single rider. He went past and PJ just looked at him. It is always interesting to see if a horse has more concern over one rider or a group of bicycles.

Later, about 30 bicycle riders in a group wearing all sorts of bright neon colors and sunglasses came flying past PJ from behind. Again he just turned to look, but never missed a step.  A short while later, this same pack of riders apparently turned around and came at PJ from the other direction. He just watched as they sailed past without more than a passing look as to say, there are those pretty colors again. PJ has an eye for fashionable colors for some reason and is always interested in how others are outfitted.

We like to see the bicycles out as it gives training events that are difficult for us to artificially create. As you ride over the top of a hill along the road, a large group clearing the top of the hill from the other direction can create anxiety or scare some some horses until they become acclimated. PJ is coming along well with his training and never showed any fear of the bicycles.