Slick Trail Ride Hosted By Coalition of Christian Cowboys

September 10, 2014

Trail Horses Standing TiedThe “Slick Trail Ride” , as many refer to the event,  has been scheduled for October 11, 2014. The ride departs from. . . . yes that’s correct, Slick, Oklahoma promptly at 10:00am. The trail ride starts at the Slick Faith Baptist Church Arena and takes you through a beautiful private ranch. Registration starts at 8am Saturday morning, but the trail boss leads out at 10:00am sharp.

If you have never been on an organized trail ride, this would be a good one to learn. These guys are old-time cowboys who are good with horses and with people. The ride is attended by a lot of experienced riders on quiet horses. It’s only a day ride with lunch served at noon which is really nice for the first time out.

For those without a horse, there is a wagon you can enjoy, but it has limited seating. The $20 price is dirt cheap when you figure a really good lunch comes with the deal. Children under 8 attending with a paid rider can come without charge. It is a family style event with no alcohol allowed. Don’t forget your Coggins and look forward to seeing you there!!

If you have any questions, you can call Mike 918-706-4230 or Dwight 918-724-2025,  They will make you feel right at home and most welcome!

Keep Lessons Short, Then Have Some Fun

August 4, 2012

When teaching a horse, keep the lesson short. Think back to when you started learning something new. Who is smarter you or the horse? Did you learn by spending hours at a time? Probably not. Chances are you learned just a little day by day. For those younger folks remember when you first started to drive. For us older ones, think about that new computer program at work.

Back to the first question, who is smarter? You? Then why expect the horse to learn faster than you. Do children learn to walk in an hour? Not most, they try with little or no discernible success at times. As they try and fail, they learn. Your horse is not any different and not as smart. So don’t expect more from the horse than you can do, a really common mistake.

Maybe you have jumped on your horse and spent the next 2 hours training. You likely quit frustrated and the horse agitated. Dont’ do it! Keep your lessons to 10 minutes, ride for another 20 minutes, then do a 5 minute review. Stop training for the day, try to end on a positive effort. But stop!

It doesn’t mean the riding has to end. Just let the horse do what can be accomplished with confidence. Think back to driving in the snow the first time. You could probably drive for hours on dry, pretty day. The snow was tiring and entirely different. Keep lessons short and have FUN! Your horse will appreciate and learn a whole lot faster!