The Right Fit Makes All The Difference

September 20, 2012
Dr. Chris Skelly of the University of Michigan says ” As a young “horse crazy” kid, I dreamed of owning my own horse.   Guided by my 4-H leader, I was fortunate when my family purchased Bluebonnet, a 7 year old grade mare that was previously owned and shown by a 4-H family. ‘ Blue ‘  taught me the ropes of horse ownership and provided years of learning and enjoyment . . . [a]fter working with horse enthusiasts and university students for over 15 years, I have a much better appreciation for buying the right horse that suites a prospective owner’s needs, and the pitfalls and heartaches that can take place when a mismatch occurs.
New horse  riders don’t always  see how the right horse for their own needs  makes all the difference.  Not just size, but temperament, personality, athletic ability, and intended use. A horse suited for you and what you want to do will go along way to your enjoyment and success.
When folks contact us about our horses for sale, we ask them to ride several times and try out different horses. Every horse has a slightly different way of moving, thinking, reacting, and learning. These differences can be really important. Sort of like a pair of boots, some fit better than others. When it comes to boots, spouses, and our jobs, most people don’t have any difficulty recognizing  the right fit is critical. If you are out looking at horses for sale, take your time and find one suited to  your skills, and your planned use. Like Dr. Skelly points out, it will save you a lot of headaches if you start out with the ” right  horse. “