Dragging Logs Is Part of the Training

September 10, 2012

Pulling a log

Dragging logs is part of the training every horse in the program receives. It benefits young horses in a number of ways. Physically the horse develops because he is using muscles differently than just riding. But the increase in muscle size and strength is not the primary reason we drag logs.

The horses learn to work and start to appreciate having a job.  A smart horse can see you doing something. He won’t understand what you are doing, but can sense you are engaged in a task that has a meaning.  Clearing trails is a function regularly done by a lot of trail riding groups and horses are used for the heavy work.

We start the young horses with light logs to develop confidence and get used to the log sticking and catching on rocks, dirt, and other obstacles. It also get the horses used to a rope around their  legs, tail, and even neck when backing. The constantly changing positions of the logs require the horses  to balance and maintain their  feet under their body. They also learn not to fear ” creatures ” running up  from behind.

There are numerous reasons to pull logs, fence posts, and other things for  developing good trail horses. We want all of our trail horses for sale to know how to work. Log dragging is  good for the mind and the body. Besides it sure beats us moving stuff around the ranch by hand!