We’re Inviting You To Come Ride With Us

August 27, 2014

Oklahoma Trail HorseWe are inviting anyone who wants to ride with us September 20, 2014 to go. The ride is leaving the Will Rogers Centennial Trail Head at 9:00am at Oologah Lake. There are no fees or charges. It’s not an organized trail ride, just a chance to meet some people and have a great day on the trails. Who might enjoy the ride? Anyone interested in dressage, mounted patrol, mounted search and rescue, trail riding in Oklahoma, or just wanting a fun group ride.

We see the opportunity to blend and combine several riding disciplines in one get together so everyone can learn more about horses, riding, and community involvement. For example, a dressage rider can illustrate how precise movements enable trail riders to navigate obstacles on the trail. Mounted patrol members can show dressage riders how their skills might be put to use in real life rescue operations to help save a life or rescue someone in danger. New riders would be able to observe  and talk with professional horsemen to gain new insights into all riding disciplines. There will likely be several riding instructors and trainers present. So pack a lunch and join us for a great day on the trail and meet some new friends.

Bell Cow Trail Ride Hosted By OETRA

April 18, 2014

Bell Cow Trail RideThe Oklahoma Equestrian Trail Riders Association (“OETRA”) held a trail ride at Bell Cow Lake this past weekend. We were only able to attend Saturday, but met some really nice people. Funny, horse people tend to be great folks. Those attending this ride were certainly pleasant and welcoming. The members of OETRA had spent the weekend before working the trails and clearing brush. The trails were marked very thoroughly and extremely easy to follow.

The weather was somewhat typical for Spring in Oklahoma. Saturday was windy and gusty, but warm. The sunshineIMG_175709484261932 was warm, but not hot.

OETRA has been conducting a membership drive. If you are looking for trail riding buddies, you ought to make contact with the group and attend one of their trail rides. We were told there are several more rides scheduled thru the Spring and Summer. We plan to attend more of them. It’s tough to get enough trail riding in Oklahoma this time of year!!!!!!!!!!!

Summer Intern At City Slickers Trail Ride

June 16, 2013

Horse Training Intern

We host interns from the equine colleges during the Summer months and give them some real riding experience to supplement the classroom studies they are taking. Dallas, a Oklahoma State University student, rode Doc at the City Slickers trail ride and had a great time. The young people in the internship program work really hard during the internship and learn a lot of new skills. Many work full-time jobs while participating in the program on weekends and whenever they can fit in the time. Although it is a lot of extra effort on their part, you can tell they love it.

We asked Dallas to ride Doc on this trail ride because he is quiet and doesn’t get excited. Dallas had worked the night shift the evening before. She came straight from work and went to the trail ride. Riding Doc seemed the smart thing to do when she hadn’t slept all night and was headed out on the trail. Doc and she get along really well and had a great time.

The real life experience with horses gives these students a big boost when it comes time to find a job. They leave the internship with horse handling skills you just don’t get reading a book. They also develop a lot of self-confidence with the knowledge that comes from actually working with horses in a ranch environment beside a professional trainer.