Polly’s A Nice Little Mare For Sale

June 25, 2014

Polly on the TrailPolly is really a pretty Palomino that is technically a registered solid paint. She has been ridden and used on the ranch a lot. The golden color really makes her especially attractive. She rides and handles well, but she is not a horse for a beginning rider. For someone looking for a young, sound horse that is easy to catch, bridle, saddle, and knows how to neck rein, lead, back, side-pass, and comfortable around livestock and other horses, Polly may be the horse for you. She has seen a lot of trails and wet blankets. If you want to know more about Polly, give Shawn a call 918-849-0004.

Special Horses For Special People

September 26, 2012


We aren’t ” tune up ” specialists. Here at the ranch, we develop special horses for those special folks that appreciate what we do and more importantly what we don’t. We aren’t in the business of trading horses. We don’t pick up horses at the sale, ” tune them up ” and put them on the market. The horses at our ranch just south of Tulsa, Oklahoma enter a two-year rigorous¬†education that makes them ready for all kinds of activities. These horses have seen lots of wet blankets and been exposed to hard work. In the horse world you usually get what you pay for. If you want one of those ” tune up specials ” you will definitely pay a little less for the purchase price, but will probably pay for it later. Pete shown above is approximately 14 months thru his schooling. The training logs show everything he has done and what he has accomplished so far. Quarter horses like Pete are hard to find. Sound, gentle, easy to catch, ready to ride, Pete is willing to try almost anything and quick enough to make a competitive amateur reining horse. The athletic ability combined with his good mind plus the two-years of training at the end of the program will make Pete a hit anywhere. Keep your eye on Pete as he finishes his education.

Speck Likes Everyone

May 29, 2012


Speck is an excellent trail horse and always remains under control. He is an AQHA registered gelding and halfway through our two-year training program for trail horses. He likes people and enjoys being around everyone. ¬†Speck is hard to beat in terms of reliability. A few weeks ago, we were riding when a much larger mare got startled. The mare who was behind Speck took off and ran right into the back of him and then started around him. Speck just looked at the mare as if to say, ” what’s your problem? ” Steady and calm Speck is a favorite. Click here to check out what Speck has been up to!

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