We’re Inviting You To Come Ride With Us

August 27, 2014

Oklahoma Trail HorseWe are inviting anyone who wants to ride with us September 20, 2014 to go. The ride is leaving the Will Rogers Centennial Trail Head at 9:00am at Oologah Lake. There are no fees or charges. It’s not an organized trail ride, just a chance to meet some people and have a great day on the trails. Who might enjoy the ride? Anyone interested in dressage, mounted patrol, mounted search and rescue, trail riding in Oklahoma, or just wanting a fun group ride.

We see the opportunity to blend and combine several riding disciplines in one get together so everyone can learn more about horses, riding, and community involvement. For example, a dressage rider can illustrate how precise movements enable trail riders to navigate obstacles on the trail. Mounted patrol members can show dressage riders how their skills might be put to use in real life rescue operations to help save a life or rescue someone in danger. New riders would be able to observeĀ  and talk with professional horsemen to gain new insights into all riding disciplines. There will likely be several riding instructors and trainers present. So pack a lunch and join us for a great day on the trail and meet some new friends.

No Way; That’s Not My Tarp!

November 29, 2013

Confidence Building ClinicIf you go to enough of these trail obstacles challenges, you start to notice a recurring theme. Over and over you hear riders saying, “I can’t figure it out. He’s never afraid of the tarp! We cross a tarp all the time.” You always hear it right after the horse looks at the nice blue tarp identical to the one used at home.

The tarp you see here at the Bad Girls Trail Riding Confidence Clinic is actually our tarp. When we started across on one of the horses we brought for demonstration purposes, he stopped and looked at it like he had never seen it before. It was his tarp! LOL! It wasn’t any trouble convincing him to cross it, just funny how the very tarp he probably crossed 15 times before without blinking was something new. It always makes you laugh, whether it’s your horse or someone else’s.

Bad Girls Confidence Building Clinic Was A Great Success

November 14, 2013

The Bad Girls Trail Riding Club held a rider confidence clinic to assist members and their spouses in gaining confidence in their horse handling and riding skillsĀ  this past Saturday, November 9, 2013. We were invited to observe and offer assistance during the clinic. It was wonderful to see the eyes of some of the new riders as they conquered some of the skill building obstacles set up in the arena. The riders were brought into the arena in groups of five at a time so individual guidance and tips could be offered to them. There was also a question and answer session after the lunch break for those attending to ask follow-up questions for how to improve. It was a wonderful day and we look forward to the next opportunity to attend one of these events. Take a look at some of the video taken during the day.