Oologah Trail Ride Saturday

September 18, 2014

Trail ride is still set September 20, 2014 at Oologah Lake with everyone meeting at the trail head. We will be mounted and headed down the trail at 9:00am. This trail ride is just a bunch of people getting together who want to ride and exchange horsemanship skills and enjoy a great day on the back of a horse. We plan to break about 11:30 or 12:00 noon for lunch. Be sure to pack yourself a lunch and take with you on the horse. We will plan to eat on the trail.

It should be a relaxing day with several opportunities to watch how dressage fits into the usefulness of a trail horse. Trail riding is filled with all kinds of obstacles that make use of dressage techniques. It is also an opportunity for anyone interested in mounted search and rescue operations on horseback to talk with mounted patrol members about the skills needed to qualify both horse and rider.

There has been a lot of interest expressed in the ride and we look forward to seeing everyone!

Slick Trail Ride Hosted By Coalition of Christian Cowboys

September 10, 2014

Trail Horses Standing TiedThe “Slick Trail Ride” , as many refer to the event,  has been scheduled for October 11, 2014. The ride departs from. . . . yes that’s correct, Slick, Oklahoma promptly at 10:00am. The trail ride starts at the Slick Faith Baptist Church Arena and takes you through a beautiful private ranch. Registration starts at 8am Saturday morning, but the trail boss leads out at 10:00am sharp.

If you have never been on an organized trail ride, this would be a good one to learn. These guys are old-time cowboys who are good with horses and with people. The ride is attended by a lot of experienced riders on quiet horses. It’s only a day ride with lunch served at noon which is really nice for the first time out.

For those without a horse, there is a wagon you can enjoy, but it has limited seating. The $20 price is dirt cheap when you figure a really good lunch comes with the deal. Children under 8 attending with a paid rider can come without charge. It is a family style event with no alcohol allowed. Don’t forget your Coggins and look forward to seeing you there!!

If you have any questions, you can call Mike 918-706-4230 or Dwight 918-724-2025,  They will make you feel right at home and most welcome!

We’re Inviting You To Come Ride With Us

August 27, 2014

Oklahoma Trail HorseWe are inviting anyone who wants to ride with us September 20, 2014 to go. The ride is leaving the Will Rogers Centennial Trail Head at 9:00am at Oologah Lake. There are no fees or charges. It’s not an organized trail ride, just a chance to meet some people and have a great day on the trails. Who might enjoy the ride? Anyone interested in dressage, mounted patrol, mounted search and rescue, trail riding in Oklahoma, or just wanting a fun group ride.

We see the opportunity to blend and combine several riding disciplines in one get together so everyone can learn more about horses, riding, and community involvement. For example, a dressage rider can illustrate how precise movements enable trail riders to navigate obstacles on the trail. Mounted patrol members can show dressage riders how their skills might be put to use in real life rescue operations to help save a life or rescue someone in danger. New riders would be able to observe  and talk with professional horsemen to gain new insights into all riding disciplines. There will likely be several riding instructors and trainers present. So pack a lunch and join us for a great day on the trail and meet some new friends.

Bell Cow Trail Ride Hosted By OETRA

April 18, 2014

Bell Cow Trail RideThe Oklahoma Equestrian Trail Riders Association (“OETRA”) held a trail ride at Bell Cow Lake this past weekend. We were only able to attend Saturday, but met some really nice people. Funny, horse people tend to be great folks. Those attending this ride were certainly pleasant and welcoming. The members of OETRA had spent the weekend before working the trails and clearing brush. The trails were marked very thoroughly and extremely easy to follow.

The weather was somewhat typical for Spring in Oklahoma. Saturday was windy and gusty, but warm. The sunshineIMG_175709484261932 was warm, but not hot.

OETRA has been conducting a membership drive. If you are looking for trail riding buddies, you ought to make contact with the group and attend one of their trail rides. We were told there are several more rides scheduled thru the Spring and Summer. We plan to attend more of them. It’s tough to get enough trail riding in Oklahoma this time of year!!!!!!!!!!!

Break Time At The CCC Trail Ride

April 5, 2014

The lunch break at the CCC trail ride in Slick, Oklahoma was filled with laughter, horse talk, and gospel music. The Coalition of Christian Cowboys offered more than just great company and superb food, they pulled out their instruments and played for everyone. The cowboys are the real deal! They can sit a horse and play a tune. Most of all, the make you feel right at home!

Mary Ben Marshall Trail Ride at Bell Cow Lake

April 2, 2014

Julie Cameron reports the Oklahoma Equestrian Trail Riders Association is hosting a weekend of trail riding and camping the weekend of April 11 – 13, 2014. There will be a lot of trails to ride and entertainment in the evenings. Saturday night will have a pot luck dinner to create some new friends and get to know each other. But, the most important and best part of the weekend will be riding the trails in the Oklahoma Springtime. It will be green and alive with all the new growth that always starts this time of year. The cost of attending is very reasonable, $15.00 for non-members and $10.00 for members of OETRA. Children under age 12 may attend free of charge. Julie wants to put the word out that everyone is welcome! If you want more information, send her an e-mail lazyjfarm@sbcglobal.net.

Chex Takes A Pop Quiz

September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend is a great time for trail riding in Oklahoma. This year didn’t go as planned. There was a trail ride we planned to attend, but life came along. Oh well, it gave me a chance to give Chex a pop quiz. Monday morning, Chex was saddled just after dawn and we took a tour off the ranch. He did pretty well with a new rider, brush and weeds head high, and in new territory without any other horses.

The brush and weeds were a good opportunity to observe him riding without much vision. You could see the ground as we rode, but not much else. A snake or two wiggled underneath his feet, but nothing more for about 20 -30 minutes. Suddenly, a big doe jumped out and Chex jumped as well. Not far, and he shut down as the reins were pulled just enough to take up the slack. He went right “back to calm,” a term we use to describe when the horse returns to a relaxed mode and rides quiet. We continued until we found a road. Some cars went past. No worries for Chex, cars weren’t a bother.

Our little excursion went for three hours before we ended up back at the gate. Chex would have been okay stopping, but we still had our chores to get done. The fence has to be ridden every day. It’s a familiar 3 mile trek for Chex, but the horse flies are heavy this time of year. Some young horses get a little dancey and jittery when attacked. Not Chex, just part of the job. With several trees limbs placing pressure on the fence, it was a good time to test Chex’s willingness to ground tie. Each time the reins were dropped, he patiently waited even when limbs were tossed at his feet. If you haven’t given your horse this little quiz, you can find yourself enjoying a stroll back to the barn. Chex didn’t do that.

Until recently, Chex has been ridden by only one person. Part of our training program is designed to make the horse calm and responsive. Too many riders/trainers on a young horse can really frustrate the process. No two people use exactly the same cues or use them the same way. For a young horse, this can be extremely frustrating to be trying really hard to do what is expected, but confused about what is wanted.

You see the results when people take a horse to the trainer for 60 days and decide they aren’t satisfied. The horse goes to the next trainer for 30 – 60 days and spends most of it trying to figure out the new cues. The owner then gets the horse home and rides for 30 days with a new set of cues. Not happy, the owner goes to trainer #3 and starts all over again. It’s no surprise the horse doesn’t handle well and gets jumpy from all the different riders. In our program, there is only one rider until the horse has a chance to understand what is expected of him.

Typically, the second year other riders spend more time in the saddle with the horse learning that people speak with different dialects (slightly different cues). A new rider is like a new teacher at the beginning of the school year. The horse isn’t completely sure about it. Taking the horse away from what is familiar is like changing schools. Chex did well with a new rider and a new school at the same time. But, his test wasn’t quite finished.

An empty feed sack was grabbed from the barn and the next 20 minutes used to see if he would get excited while riding while waving the bag in his face and all around his body. It didn’t faze him.

The last part of the test was dragging some brush off. We had a few small trees that died and fell over. Chex got to drag them off. He patiently did the work without complaint. It was a relaxing time with Chex and a real pleasure seeing him developing into a wonderful trail horse.

Charity Trail Ride For Prevent Blindness

August 26, 2013

Prevent Blindness has its annual charity trail ride scheduled September 27, 28, and 29, 2013 at Dripping Springs in Okmulgee State Park. Everyone is invited and the trail ride is to help raise funds for a worthwhile organization. Okmulgee State Park is about 5 miles west of Okmulgee, Oklahoma. With all the wonderful rain in August, everything has been beautiful and green. This will be a great time to enjoy some beautiful scenery from horseback while raising funds for those who don’t have the gift of vision. For more information, you can call OKC: 405.848.7123 or Tulsa: 918.496.348.

City Slickers Trail Ride A Success

June 13, 2013

City Slickers Trail Ride 2013

The City Slickers Trail Ride sponsored by the Bad Girls Trail Riding Club (“BGTRC“) was success. The ride was held at Walnut Creek State Park and well attended. The ladies running the trail riding club were really friendly and did a great job of conducting a safe, fun ride. The area has quick sand around Keystone lake and can be dangerous if you aren’t familiar with the area. So the ride was conducted with a guide and everyone stayed on the main trails that are safe and well-maintained.

If it has been a few years since you have gone to Walnut Creek, there have been some changes that make it a lot better. A couple of the park rangers have been working really hard the last two years to clean up the trails and make the area more attractive. The bathroom and shower areas were clean and obvious effort had been made to encourage trail riders to use the facilities and enjoy the trails. Hats off to the rangers for their hard work and dedication.

It was a good time and wonderful to ride with the sun shining, the breeze blowing off the lake, and enjoy the company of some fellow trail riders on a beautiful Spring day. We want to thank BGTRC for letting us come and ride the trails with them!

18th Annual City Slickers Trail Ride

May 20, 2013

The Bad Girls Trail Riding Club announced the 18th Annual City Slickers Trail Ride is set June 8, 2013. The ride will take place at Walnut Creek State Park, Prue, Oklahoma, the beautiful Lake Keystone area. Registration is open to everyone and at the very affordable price of $10.00 per person with children under 12 free. The ride heads out at 9:00a.m.

Bad Girls Trail Riding Club (“BGTRC“) is a ladies trail riding club started by three ladies wanting to combine their love for horses with quality time with their friends. The group’s web page shows they are actively engaged and have a great time together.

If you want more information about the ride click on the link above or contact Ms. Carla High (918)857-2585 or Cmhight1@peoplepc.com.

Washington, D.C. Trail Rides, Who Would’ve Guessed?

September 27, 2012

Yep there’s are trail rides in Washington, D.C. according to David A. Turner. He says, ” This fall, there are three organized trail rides near D.C. offered by Maryland’s Trail Riders of Today. (To sign up for the rides, you must join TROT for $20; go to www.trot-md.org.) All levels of trail riders participate. Call ahead to reserve a spot.This fall, there are three organized trail rides near D.C. offered by Maryland’s Trail Riders of Today. (To sign up for the rides, you must join TROT for $20; go to www.trot-md.org.) All levels of trail riders participate. ”

If you are politically active, you could drape a banner over the side of your horse as you ride along the trail. Okay, maybe that’s a little over the top, but the trail rides aren’t!